autumn is my season… the things taken for granted on long summer days enjoyed once more with crisp clean colors that prophetically shout the wisdom procured from the drowsy warmth of the day and the light stinging air of long nights…

smells of fires, spiced stews and mulled drinks… anticipation of the warmth of family in the evenings, swollen with gratitude and recompense of a day’s work, harvesting the blessings of the year for resurrection in the bleakness of days to come…

it is the season of faith; action backing the last of intentions made over the year before settling into the contemplation and rumination of long cold nights and gray days…

as the leaves fall in their naked glory, i come home to autumn and step back inside my soul…

The anemic gray light of an early fall morn,

creeps around the edge of the curtain…

resurrecting memories of schoolyards, skinned knees, and books one could fall into.

Filtering the pain of years past,  finally realizing the magic of youth,

and making room to re create one’s life.


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