He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said
I don’t usually attach the word Hate to anything
But this is my exception
I’m not exempt from gossip
but every time someone engages in telling me all the worst
about another
I start to wonder
what are they saying about me
to others?
There are three sides to every story
Yours, Mine, and the Truth
Two perspectives based on
a lifetime of events and interaction
Coloring our choices and beliefs
and opinions
I got a card once, that asked
Whatever you say: Is it Kind, Necessary, and Truthful?
Guidlines for constructive criticism
and exploring our experience of others
with people we trust
instead of randomly picking apart
the things that bother us about others
because they may just be obscuring
the things that bother us
about ourselves
And I’m more interested
in exploring that
with you…
So please,
Let’s talk about ourselves
and our experience
rather than others
and what they’ve done.

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