Re-post of a piece from 2011 on the catharsis of writing.

Soul-cialist Tendencies

“I don’t know.”

This is my latest favorite phrase.  It carries all of the humility and wisdom, or ignorance and shame, which I ascribe to varying states of mind and emotion.  I have been through another drought of writing, and have been hearing that small voice that is disappointed when I experience something profound without taking the time to reflect upon it in the way that works best for me.  So here I am, writing for the sake of writing, without knowing where I am going with the process. 

It takes time to gain life experience; so much so that I tend to go for long periods without writing.  Sooner or later though, I realize that I need to start exploring myself through written word again, lest I explode from the sheer amount of input that I have garnered.  Writing is both a tool for exploring, re-defining, searching and analyzing…

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