From Paradox to Paradigm Shift

Letting go, I relax and observe the things in my life that I blame for distracting me from fully experiencing it, yet I find that the only way out is to dig deeper in myself and find a few of the paradoxes that identify me as an individual and us as a society.  When I look at the paradoxes within myself, I see a reflection of the world around me.  That reflection is telling me what I need to change about myself, because we cannot change anything in our society without first being clear about our needs and desires, and understanding their implications on those around us who are different.  No one is exempt from such paradox… but it can be transformed into a paradigm shift one awakening at a time.

I actually wrote the following list as a series of poem prompts that never panned out a few years ago, and held onto it as a draft to re-work.  Today, I find these things even more relevant to our society than ever, and personally find them to be perfect in their raw and undeveloped state.  I present them not as statements against any particular group, but as points to ponder within our own framework of personal ideology.  The trick is to ask ourselves not how they relate to others around us, but to our own experience as humans…  identification of specific groups is not meant as a judgement or indictment of hypocrisy, but as a reflection of how we, as humans, face a disconnect between our ideals and our actions regardless of the groups or ideologies with which we identify.  Take what you like, and leave the rest for someone else to ponder, or better yet, come up with your own… but please, take the time to think about the one that grabs your attention the most.  It will reflect either something within you that you dislike or something in society that you fear…

Artists attempt to bring tangibility to the realm of the spirit while intellectuals seek to find spirituality through science

The meek endure horrific circumstances while the strong live lives of ill-gotten luxury

Ambivalence becomes a refuge when one feels threatened, but is a liability when subjected to determination

Conservatives create huge amounts of waste, proclaim themselves pro-life while waging war, and adulterate nearly everything they touch as scripture pours from their tongues while Liberals cry for human rights under the guise of equality but turn their heads to exploiting those same people to support the free market, decry violence while allowing their children to wage war on their tv’s, computers and music in the name of free speech, and run toward the middle when threatened by dissidence

The mad ramblings and bitter truths of a tormented soul are celebrated by pop culture yet their message goes unheard by the masses 

The institutions of religion that promise freedom or salvation suppress the potential of the human spirit through proscription and subjugation

Allegiance and freedom have a price, and justice is blind while many go their whole lives enslaved by an artificial system of manufacture and consumption

Sanity is found in the whimsical and arbitrary while excess order leads to compulsive attempts to escape its own self perpetuation…

And a tired soul finds relief in the simple acknowledgement of the true paradox of being human.

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