Re-Framing Our Circumstances

Feeling this today as I face another re-evaluation of my priorities. I’m on the path I am meant to be on, and I am experiencing another shift in my own awareness and perception of my experience. It helps to re-trace our journey as we evaluate our current trajectory, and I am grateful for yet another chance to see deeper truths and realize the peace that lies at the heart of these truths.

Soul-cialist Tendencies

Some days we just have to let a few tears out, take care of our most basic needs with healthy food, positive music or literature, and rest. Meditative music and a decision to focus on love and gratitude for those blessings in disguise from earlier times in our lives can be extremely helpful.  Tools like this can, in a short period of time, give us the ability to turn our feelings from helplessness and fear into peacefulness and even resolution.  The answers are in front of us from the very beginning, but we have to do a bit of work to unearth them and realize that, we needed had already been available, waiting only for us to use it and pass it on; and that this is true for whatever we face today.

According to the Buddha, pain is inevitable.  But we are taught that we do not need to suffer because of it and that…

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