In a world where double-speak, hidden meaning, and the panoptic lens of social media demand our loyalty in 280-character soundbytes and memes, I find my center by stepping away from the desire to be seen, understood, accepted by others and instead seek these from myself.

Drag Queen Story Hour: Teaching love, compassion, and grace at all levels.

Today, our little community library held a drag queen story hour in celebration of pride month.  These events are meant to teach about diversity and inclusion.  These events have been under attack across the country by anti-LGBTQ+ religious and political groups.  To date, a federal court has dismissed a case brought by these groups in…

Deconstructing the Binary

We see gender as binary because gender is a social construction, which means that we are taught how to behave like a boy or a girl from the time we are born, based on our biological sex as defined by the genitalia with which we are born… Because sex and gender are not synonymous, and because our society is still engaging in gender wars between the constructs of male and female, as a society we are still trying to understand gender identity on multiple levels. This is my experience.

Graceful Revolution

“I believe in a new brand of advocacy where we humble ourselves to our shortcomings and engage in acts of graceful revolution that bring light to the true reality of people’s lives. I believe that if we engage people in their own spaces, teach them to look at injustices as moments that touch all of…

Holding on to faith while letting go of fear

We often get the reminder that we have to start where we are.  Whether we are frustrated with the person who cut us off on the road or the slow clerk who is not understanding our request at the store, or we face a crisis that has the potential to change our trajectory in unexpected or unwanted ways, we have to start where we are.

Re-Framing Our Circumstances

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Some days we just have to let a few tears out, take care of our most basic needs with healthy food, positive music or literature, and rest. Meditative music and a decision to focus on love and gratitude for those blessings in disguise from earlier times in our lives can be extremely…

Speaking Truth about Suicide

I have been seeing more social media posts and questions regarding the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain than ever on the subject of suicide, and it stirs up a lot of deep emotional stuff for me. Most of what I read is well-intentioned and perfectly valid but still, possess an ignorant and even harmful bias and privilege that I cannot ignore.

#walkup and Walk Out

We live in a world where it is so difficult to discern the best ways to approach social problems, primarily because we think in dichotomous terms (meaning either/or), and don’t allow for multiple solutions, middle of the road solutions, or culturally appropriate solutions.  We also live in a world full of contradictions, and we don’t…

The Game

Love is the only freedom that allows us to be fully human with one another