#me too… We’re all in this together.

Rape Culture isn’t going away.  It is another shameful part of our culture and history that we need to address, and it takes all of us to find our voice, to learn and speak up about it.

#metoo = #we’reallinthistogether

Gratitude, Patience, and Compassion

What I’ve found is that gratitude is the key to being patient with myself and with the world around me.  When I sit in a place of gratitude, even for the negative experiences in my life from which so many opportunities have taken root, I am able to hold space for the patience, curiosity and tenacity necessary to nurture those opportunities into fruition.


Some days we feel helpless
against the tide of lists and details 
which plague our existence
our livelihoods
our thoughts

Priorities~ A Rant

I may be wrong.  I may not have all the answers…  but I’m not giving in to the latest sensationalism and I’m not giving up on our potential to create a sustainable and equitable solution.


We go through life, trying to catch our breath,
holding on, pushing harder…
yearning, reaching, grasping,
to quench our desire
in the bottomless well
of the depth of a human heart.

Common Sense Ain’t so Common Anymore…

The assumptions we make about how to interact with other humans can be devastating when we don’t have this kind of information. It puts a society at risk for being scammed by politicians, businessmen, clergymen, and pundits who were groomed to manipulate people with language, ideals, and rhetoric.

A Nation of Kindergarteners

When we use language that incites the same hate we decry, it diminishes our efficacy and our credibility.  We are better than this.  We who have experienced injustice, oppression, hate, violence, poverty, bullying, or prejudice are resilient and stronger than the person who paints themselves as a victim of those whom he exploits and oppresses.  

Well Intended~ A Primer on Privilege

One of the biggest issues we have been facing as a society these past several months is the threat of a presidency that could devastate the lives of millions of people who hold minority status, including all non-whites, non-Christians, non-males, LGBT, immigrants, the disabled, and the poor. About half of our society doesn’t recognize just…

Cognitive Dissonance

What Will We Choose? I’ve just come home from two days of being relatively unplugged, and feel an initial sense of absolute shock over the insanity around the world.  It’s shocking to many to believe that the sheer amount of ignorance and racism that was displayed in Charlottesville yesterday is still happening in today’s world….

Artificial Lives

Sometimes we just need to see a hero cry before they pick themselves up and go on to save the day… but we prefer to seek hidden truths in cliche confusing revenge with justice facades with truth and righteousness with morality until our eyes are so damaged that we can’t see the rawness that makes…