Getting Real: Empathy and Narcisism

There are a lot of blogs going around the Enlightened community regarding Empaths and their relationship to Naricissists.  But I haven’t seen much written on how both can exist in all of us, with only a choice and the ability to be aware of our thoughts and actions being the difference between normal and pathological behaviors….

Patriarchal Bull$#!%

Until men can effectively recognize their behavior and learn to listen to our needs without needing to justify these behaviors, dominate the situation, dictate how we should respond, or otherwise capitalize on our grievances, we won’t be able to move forward.  

It’s your turn guys…  how do you choose to be more egalitarian in your life today?

Trans Awareness

What most of the people who support these things don’t realize as that their rights are, or will be, on the chopping block as well if this backwards trajectory is allowed to continue.

An Early Morning Ramble

I would like to propose that we begin to focus less on the negatives in our lives and more on a holistic view of how they are part of the cycles that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with a shift in perspective.


Questions swirl in my mind Challenging beliefs Digging deeper To resurrect the ghosts in my own soul And purge those things With which I hold myself back. Einstein said that when the solution is simple, God is answering I silently wish for the bliss of knowing something so deeply that I don’t need to learn…

This is part of something I posted about a year ago on Facebook.  My original post was about the apparent inability of some of my peers to “adult” on a regular basis… I’ve had those days, and I’m sure you have too.  Some of us have a series of these kinds of days that morph…


No particular path is necessary for the absolution we seek within our own soul, and some paths will lead us to the opposite of what we desire, yet still hold the same potential for change.  What gets us there is the willingness to step out of our own blinders and see the same world through a different lens.


A journal is a reflection of our soul in written or recorded form.  Many formats exist, but they are all a means to the same end; a record of our innermost thoughts, feelings, fantasies and values from which we reflect upon and steer our lives in any direction we wish.


Peace is the flow of breath… the inhalation of potential, energy, and new ideas… the exhalation of acceptance, surrender, and a promise to improve upon our next endeavors.

Investing moments…

When we find a moment to reconnect with those we love, we find that the journey is only as long and hard as we make it, and that our goal has been growing into it’s own potential right before our eyes.