Nerds of Narrative Podcast

Welcome to the Nerds of Narrative therapy podcast.  Nerds of Narrative focuses on the decolonization of traditional therapeutic practices through the use of pop culture, personal expression through art and storytelling, decentralizing the therapist as the expert and flattening the hierarchy, and much more.  Join us as we explore today’s topic, geekdom in therapy.

Nerds of Narrative Podcast is the brainchild of Del’s CoHost Lori Pranger, AMFT. Lori and Del practice therapy together through the Gender Health Center. Del has 11 years broadcasting experience with KVMR Community Radio in Nevada City, CA. Our combined experience brings unique and creative perspectives to therapy practice.

Pilot Episode

Nerds of Narrative Episode 1
Del Phoenix, MSW, ACSW They/Them/Theirs
Lori Pranger, AMFT
She/Her/Hers Lori is an associate MFT, supervised by Dr. David Nylund. Lori utilizes Narrative Therapy, pop-culture, media, and game theory in her therapeutic work to support her clients in their pursuit of more preferred stories and experiences about themselves, their lives, and their futures.