Gender & Sexual Diversity Resources

We offer a variety of gender diversity resources, including:

We offer gender diversity training and consultation for Community Organizations, Advocacy programs, Businesses, Schools, and Clinicians. Del Phoenix-Wilcox, MSW, is a Community Educator, Expressive Arts and Personal Liberation Coach, Broadcaster, Freelance Writer, Resource Specialist, and Associate Therapist.  Del draws from a critical and queer-theory perspective with a trauma-informed lens to their work.  Del has conducted gender diversity trainings for their local PFLAG, School GSA’s, Social Service Agencies, USC Students and Faculty, and UC Davis Medical Students

We offer 3 levels of Training and Consultation:

Gender 101: Basics of gender diversity for all people and businesses

Gender 102: Gender Diversity for LGBTQ+ Advocates, School and Youth Services faculties, and Social Service Agencies

Gender 103: Gender Diversity needs for Mental Health Clinicians and Medical Professionals

Topics include: 

Gender, sexuality, language and pronouns, intersectionality, cisgender privilege, and personal bias

Social Determinants of Health, Barriers to Thriving, Resilience, Advocacy and Support

Clinical Competency, Pathologization of LGBTQ+ identities, Biopsychosocial Assessments, Sexual Health Assessments, Gender Affirming Surgery Letters, Client-centered Care, and Cultural Humility

Alternative relationships, Kink, and Sexual Trauma

Breakout groups with Clinical Scenarios

Clinical consultation for Therapists working with Gender Diverse populations

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